Batco Belt Conveyors and equipment are built tough for performance, yet designed and engineered for gentle handling of delicate crops, seeds and commodities.

Since specialty crops, seed, and some commodities are very susceptible to impact damage caused by conventional grain-handling systems, Batco Belt Conveyors minimize impact damage and help protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.

Field Loaders

Designed for loading tractor trailer units, air seeders and hopper bottom bins.

FX 2045 Series Field Loaders
45′ length with capacity up to 14,000 bph

FX 1500 Series Field Loader
35′ & 45′ lengths with capacity up to 9,000 bph when outfitted with the 32hp gas engine

2400 Series Field Loader
35′ length with capacity up to 14,000 bph

BCX2 1500 Series
The BCX2 field loaders have been engineered for ease of maintenance, optimized containment and maximum speed

Belt Conveyors

Designed for high capacity, long reach and gentle handling.

2400 Series
65’ to 120’ lengths and capacity up to 14,000 bph

2000 Series
35’ to 120’ lengths with capacity up to 9,000 bph

1500 Series
35’ to 100’ lengths with capacity up 6,000 bph


Hutchinson/Mayrath is an agricultural industry leader specializing in engineering and manufacturing grain handling equipment. Hutchinson/Mayrath exceeds customer expectations daily in the delivery of the highest quality portable and stationary grain handling equipment, including augers, chain & paddle conveyors, belt conveyors, loop systems, bin unloads and custom augers in the industry.